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Eric Dillman

B. 1990

Growing up, figuring out what I would do with my life was always in the back of my mind. What is something I can be good at? High school begun in 2005 and I thought I was wasting my future 4 years away. Haven't learning "any" form of art at an earlier age, I decided to try my luck at a drawing class. Learning from lesson after lesson, I've realized it was a skill I understood so well and took enjoyment to do more out of. When the class of that quarter of the semester was over, I did not want to stop drawing there. I vowed to do anything  to keep building up my drawing skills learning and developing endlessly as possible.


After high school graduation in 2009, college finally arrived in September and I've decided to pursue into the visual arts. The art classes offered seemed endless to choose from. One class in college was a basic figure drawing class in which that turned out to be my favorite. The reason behind it was because what I've learned and developed from that class was a fascination with the unique features, both prominent and subtle, found in an individual’s face and body. To re-create a human being onto paper or a canvas using various mediums and techniques, is simply a masterful skill in of itself in the world of art.

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